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Going Green!

Going Green!

Southern California Edison customers can receive a $200.00 rebate check in the mail for the installation of a variable speed pump.

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Going Green!

It’s time to go green with one of the biggest year round energy consumers on your property, the pool pump. According to recent statistics, it takes about six power plants to run all of the pools in California. That’s a lot of juice, not just for the entire state, but also your own household. California Title 20, which became the law in January of 2008, requires that, if your pump goes out and is 1 hp or greater, you must install at least a two speed motor with a control that allows you to program the two speeds. A two speed motor will save some money, but is basically two old technology motors in one casing. The better way to go is with a variable speed pump which utilizes a permanent magnetic drive motor, the same type used in hybrid cars. These new motors are quieter, cooler and use much less energy. An added advantage of running the pump for long hours at a low speed is that your water is always moving, creating a cleaner pool with improved water quality. If you have one of the many pool / spa combo’s out there with one pump, you can set the exact speed for your filtering, pool cleaner and spa jets. On average most pool owners will save at least 400.00 - 600.00 a year and others even more. Currently Riverside utilities and So. Cal. Edison are offering a 200.00 rebate for the installation of a variable speed pump*. Rebates are no longer available for two speed motors. We hope this answers most of your questions. If you have more we are only an e-mail or phone call away--feel free to contact us now.

* The pump must be programmable to be eligible for the rebate.

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